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Q: Who makes more pharmacy tech or dental assistant?
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Who makes more money a medical assistant or dental assistant?

A Dental Assistant for sure!

Do dental assistant salaries increase over time?

Yes dental assistant salaries increase over time. Any normal human will expect more salary after getting experience. So, I think dental assistant should also get more salary.

What dental team member allows the dentist to care for more patients and increase productivity?

dental assistants

What is the average salary of a dental assistant in southeast Michigan?

The average salary for a dental assistant in Michigan is $34,989 , depending on the education of the candidate it could be more income.

Facts about Dental Assistant Programs?

A dental assistant performs numerous tasks in the dentist's office aside from scheduling appointments. Although assistants can learn on the job, a dental assistant program prepares him or her for more extensive tasks. A dental assistant program makes the student a more valuable and viable employee in the dental office. Tasks performed by a dental assistant include scheduling appointments, preparing the patient for the dentist, sterilize and organize dental tools, assist during dental procedures to keep the patient comfortable, explain post-procedure care to the patient and any other task that helps the doctor treat the patient. When a dental assistant program is used to advance knowledge of dental practices, the duties can span into making cast of teeth for dental implants or dentures, cleaning teeth and taking stitches out. A dental assistant program can net the student between $10 and $35 an hour. That can greatly depend on whether a dental assistant program was taken by the employee as well as location and experience in the field. The dental assistant can return to dental school later to become a full-fledged dentist if he or she wants to continue to grow in the dental career field. Dental assistant job projection for the future is high. It is expected to rise by approximately 38% by the year 2018. Dental assistant jobs are on the rise. It pays to get involved in the field early on to ensure your place in the dental field. Taking a dental assistant program helps hasten progress as well as gives the student an upper edge. Going through the dental assistant program does not excuse the dental assistant from a certain amount of on the job training. This could come in the form of an internship or a probationary period to allow the employee to become acclimated to the particular dentist office he or she will be working in. Dental assistants need a good bedside manner in order to work with patients on a daily basis, which is generally inborn rather than learned. A dental assistant program helps prepare the student for the sometimes stressful dental position.

Does pharmacy technician make more than medical assistant?

There is not a dramatic difference between the average salaries in these two professions, although a Medical Assistant makes slightly more. In 2009, pharmacy technicians earned an average salary of $26,720 per year, whereas Medical Assistants earned an average salary of $27,430 per year.

How much does a dental assistant make in El Paso TX?

The average salary for a dental assistant in Tucson, Arizona is about $28,677 per year. The highest salary for a dental assistant in Tucson is $34,883 per year.

What is the average salary of a dental assistant in the upper peninsula of Michigan?

The average salary of a dental assistant starting out is about$12-16 per hour, sometimes higher in dental specialties such as oral surgery or endodontics. Also, the more experience you have the higher your salary.

Where can I take classes in Vermont to become a dental assistant?

Most dental assistant positions do not require any prior experience, as dentists usually provide on-the-job training. All the same, it may help you feel more confident to enroll in a dental assistant program. The Center for Technology site( has a list of colleges and affiliates in Vermont, where the dental assistant programs are available.

How can I be relieved of my neuropathic pain?

Becoming a pharmacist requires significantly more schooling than becoming a pharmacy technician. Consider a pharmacy technician as a pharmacist assistant.

What type of dental training is available in my area to assist me in becoming a dental assistant?

If youd like to learn more about becoming a dental assistant, contains information on how to become certified, how school accreditation works and why it'ss important, and the different dental assisting courses youll complete as part of your training.

Where can I get advice on dental assistant?

Dental assistants are always in demand. Try to get more information on a career that might be right for you as well as information on other dental and healthcare replated jobs.