Who makes lol drink?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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LOL factory

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Q: Who makes lol drink?
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Is lol an enegy drink?

lol is an energy drink but some people think it isn't.

Can a wife give a drink to her husband?

no lol

How old do you have to be to drink lol?

18 years

Can the ice in north pole be added to juice and drink by human?

Wouldn't your drink freeze before you drink it lol

Where do you buy LOL the drink?

The LOL drink can be bought in most school canteens. You can also buy them in most store including Woolworth's and Coles. By the way they are Delicious

What do scientist say about energy drink?

The are good for you lol

How many cokes did you have to drink to get high?

Seven LOL

Is lol drink alcohol?

No it not it i a cool drink crossed with fizzy and fruit it has 27g of sugar in it and its not a ENERGY drink hi... I work for LOL. in the UK LOL is a slightly different formulation than in Australia. the UK one has 75% fruit juice and 25% fizzy water, no caffeine and 20g of sugar. each can has one portion of fruit. :-)

Why not drink water after drink milk?

My momma says that it disturbs indigestion but what does she know? lol ;D

Lol you skinny?

no, it makes you skinny.

What do you drink that starts with an r?

there is rum, and that is about it lol wot about ribena ha ha ha lol red square,relentless

Does watching tv cause teens to drink and use drugs?

No lol