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John F. Carroll and he was 8ft. and 7 and a half in. tall

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Q: Who is the tallest person without gigantism?
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Which hormone is responsible when a person suffers from gigantism?

Growth hormone

What is wrong with a person who has gigantism or acromegaly?

A person with gigantism or acromegaly has an excess amount of growth hormone, and grows too much, which not only makes that person very tall, but also somewhat distorts their body proportions.

How does a person inherit gigantism?

Gigantism is abnormally large growth due to an excess of growth hormone during childhood, before the bone growth plates have closed.

How long do people with gigantism live?

It is well known that gigantism can cause various issues with a person's skeletal system and circulatory sysetm, because of the sheer size of the person, so the chance of living a long healthy life is slim. You must also consider the fact that if the person is too tall, they may not be able to walk confortably or without assistance, so it's hard to get exersice which will lead to a shorter life-span. You can make your own prediction using this information on how long the average person with gigantism lives, my guess is nothing over 60-70 years of ae.

What is Gigantism?

The official definition for the word gigantism is "unusual or abnormal largeness."

Is gigantism a dominant or recessive gene?

No, gigantism is not genetic. Gigantism is caused by a malfunction of the growth hormone so it has nothing to do with your parents or grandparents.

Who is the tallest people in the world?

the tallest person in the world isSultan Kösen - 8'1" (246.4 cm) is the tallest person in the world..................................

Who is the tallest person in America present?

The tallest person in America is George Bell in Virginia.

What is the common name for gigantism?

"Gigantism" is the common, non-technical, everyday name for "macrosomia."

What does over secretion of the human growth hormone during childhood cause?

In children (where the epiphyseal growth plate has not fused yet), it can lead to gigantism In adults (closed epiphyseal growth plate in bones), it leads to acromegaly.

Does Peter Crouch suffer from gigantism?

It has never been revealed if Peter Croch suffers from gigantism.

Who is the tallest member of JLS?

The tallest person in JLS is Marvin Humes.