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Amway is a corporation that is owned by Alticor and the Van Andel family, it has been in business for over 50 years with an incredible line of products, numerous patents and is also a leading retailer for health and beauty products. I believe they are within the top 5 in the world.

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Q: Who is the owner of AMWAY products?
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Where are Amway stores located in Florida?

There are no Amway stores in the United States. Amway products in the US are distributed by Amway's sister company, Quixtar. You can purchase products online at or use that site to contact a Quixtar Independent Business Owner in your area.

Where can you get Amway products in Trinidad?

To get Amway products in Trinidad please email me at

Do you have to buy producte from amway to sell over?

The Amway personal who sell products through Amway are not in any way obligated to purchase the products. The sole purpose is to sell them. So an individual can work for Amway and sell products without buying any.

How many Countries now have Amway Products and Business?

More Than 91 countries now Amway Products are available.

Does Amway products have pig fat?


Are Amway products safer?

i think they are

Where can you purchase Nutrilite products?

you can purchase them only at authorised amway's independent business owner(IBO).purchasing other than them is illegal and is duplicate product

Can one sell Amway products online?

i sell the product i intrest amway product excellent

Identify key competitors of amway in industry?

Amway competitors are primarily in the Cleaning Products industry. Amway also competes in the Housewares, Personal Care Products, and Nonalcoholic Beverages sectors. Amway competitive landscape includes: * Avon * Mary Kay * Procter & Gamble

What does Amway offer to its customers?

Amway provides many products throughout the world. They are best known for their health and body care products though they also sell jewelery, electronics and other beautification products.

Are there any amway products dealer in qatar?

No, there is no MLM in Qatar.

Is it sensible to buy amway products?

Ofcourse, Amway products are world renowned for their product quality. Although slightly priced higher they are great value for money. By the way if you are looking to buy Amway products in Chennai, try contacting V. V. Hemalatha at +91-44-30885632. I usually buy from her only!