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  1. According to Dr. Siddartha Mukherjee, I am the oldest Survivor of (ALL) Acute Lymophoblastic Leukemia. I came down with this horrific disease in 1963 and I will be 63 in December of 2013. He wrote the book, The Emperor of ALL Myladies and I am known as "Ella" in the book. Karen Joanne Lord. Rehab Queen 1965 photo BostonRehab1964C-1.jpg
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I've been a Wilms tumor cancer survivor since 1957. But I can oly imagine that there are some befor me. I'm 54 now (2008).

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James Mathew Johnson: he was over 7 feet 11 inches long.

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Q: Who is the longest cancer survivor patient?
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No No. A cancer survivor is an individual who has been diagnosed with cancer and continues to survive and does not succumb to the cancer.

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See related links below for a web site to help get you started in your search for support. There are actually hundreds of blogs on the web for cancer patient and survivor support.

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