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brittany pirtle

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Q: Who is the girlfriend of alex heartman in the real life?
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Does Alex Heartman has a crush on Erika Fong in real life?

No. Erika is married. And during the auditions, and during filming of Samurai, Alex has a girlfriend named Katie.

Who is the boyfriend of erika fong in the real life?

Alex Heartman is Erika Fong's boyfriend.

Are Brittany anne pirtle and alex heartman dating?

No, Brittany Pirtle and Alex Heartman are not dating. Alex however does have a girlfriend but it's none of the primary actors that played Power Rangers that you'll see clearly on-screen.

What is the red ranger's real name?

alex heartman

Does alex wolff have a girlfriend in real life?

i don't think so

Who is alex wolff's real girlfriend and it better not you?


What is alex russo's real name in real life?

Alex Russo is played by Selena Gomez.

Is alex bain mixed race in real life?

s alex bain real dad

Who is karan wahi real life girlfriend?

his real life girlfriend is drashti dhami he dating her now a day...

Does Matthew knight have a girlfriend in real life?

Matthew does'nt have a girlfriend in real life, I think his looking for the right one

Alex wolff is dating with Jesse draper now?

No, that's his real cousin and Nat's to. Not his girlfriend Alex only likes Jesse as a girlfriend in the show The Naked Brothers Band.