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egyptian were the firsy specialist in medicine

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Q: Who is the first specialist in medicine?
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What is the medical term for medicine specialist?

A pharmacologist or pharmacist is a specialist in medication.

What type of training or education do you need to become a sports medicine?

To become a sports medicine specialist you need to do medical studies first, then specialize in the field of Sports.

What is prescription medication?

Medicine a doctor or specialist writes you for at a pharmacy.

Who was the first person to be known as a veterinarian in the world?

Sahadeva an Indian Veterinary medicine specialist - few thousand years ago during the times of Mahabharatha.

What is the best medicine for hypoglycemia?

Ask an endocrinologist. He is the specialist doctor on this subject.

What does MFM mean after a Doctor's name?

Maternal fetal medicine specialist

What does do stand for in medicine?

Doctor of Osteopathy. Usually they are a bone and joint specialist or surgeon.

Are there retina specialist at Baylor?

Yes, I recommend Dr. Brian Chan-Kai. He is a specialist in retinal diseases and ocular oncology at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Who examine your body after you die?

A family doctor, a legal medicine doctor, a specialist in autopsy.

What is a cardiac fellow?

A doctor of medicine who additionaly graduated from a specialist training course in cardiology or cardiosurgery. In some countries also called 'cardiology specialist' or 'cardiology doctor'.

You have hashimotos disease and I am pregnant should you visit specialist spendocrinologist or general medicine doctor is ok I am teaking medicine about 3 years?

Yes, see your GP.

What do you call doctor specializes mouth problems?

This person is called a specialist in ORAL MEDICINE. In UK some of these are located in the British Society for Oral Medicine website.