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She's not allowed to have a boyfriend because of her contract with hello! project.

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Q: Who is the boyfriend of airi Suzuki?
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Does Suzuki Airi have a sisters?

NO ,But suzuki airi have a brother

When was Airi Suzuki born?

Airi Suzuki was born on April 12, 1994.

What is Airi Suzuki's birthday?

Airi Suzuki was born on April 12, 1994.

Does airi Suzuki have a boyfriend?

No, she does not. H!P doesn't allow her and she agreed to the no-boyfriend rule when she signed the contract.

Do yamada ryosuke love airi suzuki now?

I don't think so. Airi suzuki isn't his type.

Does Suzuki Airi have a brother?

Yes 1 but no sisters

Does yamada ryosuke like airi suzuki?

I don't think he does. Yamada is very picky when it comes to girls, and according to what he said about his ideal girl airi suzuki doesn't fit.

Is Suzuki Airi the girlfriend of Yamada Ryosuke?

No, neither of them are allowed to date.

Is Suzuki airi love yamada ryosuke?

Not sure, but they wouldn't be allowed to date.

Do Airi Suzuki have piercing?

yes because sometimes her dance shot and mv she has earing on them

What is the email address of Suzuki airi?

Only people close to her would know that. and it should be kept that way.

How old is Suzi Suzuki?

Ai Sugiyama is 42 years old (birthdate: July 5, 1975).