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The woman that I wake up to every morning!

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Q: Who is the blond in the general insurance ad with lampshade?
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Who is the blond in the new Hardee's ad?

Courtney Pauroso

Who is the girl in the red top and pink bottom bikini in the General Insurance ad?

JWOW AKA jenni farley

Who is the female blond model in the current Phoenix University ad?

Kelly Miller

Who is the blond in the 2011 direct tv ad?

Amanda Arnold and she is HOT WOW

Who is the blond model who walks the runway in the Dior j'adore ad?

Charlize Theron

Who is the actress on the healthcare insurance ad?

Shirley Jones appeared in a health insurance ad several years ago.

Where is the state insurance ad filmed?


Who is the blond lady in the tv ad saying she is really 97?

She's Sara Mason. See the related link.

Who is the blond actress in the cascade ad?

Beth Littleford is the Cascade Kitchen Counselor

Who is the blonde woman in the xfinity tv ad?

Jane Lynch

What does ad mean in insurance terms?

Accidental damage

What is Life and AD and D Insurance?

Insurance for the family if one of the adults running the household dies.