Who is the bigshow dating?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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vickie gerrero

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Q: Who is the bigshow dating?
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How big is the bigshow?

How big is bigshow!!! well he is 7 feet tall and weighs 441 lbs.

How old is bigshow?

he is40

Who is the enemy of Undertaker?

the bigshow

Who is the heavist wrestler out of great Kali or big sho?

The Great Khali is 420lbs The Bigshow is 441lbs Bigshow is heavier by 21lbs

Is bigshow still on WWE?


Did bigshow's wife have a baby?

i think she did

How heavy is bigshow?

400 pounds

How old is bigshow from WWE?

39 this year

What is bigshow's real wight?

100000000000000000 ilbs

What was bigsHow is name before big show?

The Giant.

Who is better bigshow or Triple H?

Triple H

What is the weight of the bigshow?

The weight of the pro-wrestler Big Show is approximately 383 pounds.