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Big Show is 7'0" but billed between (7'0"-7'4")

The Great Khali is 7'1".5 but billed about (7'3"-7'4")

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Q: Who is taller big show or the great khali?
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Is undertaker taller than the Kane?

he is taller than the undertaker.But the undertaker defeated him.Big show is taller than Kane and Kane defeated big show (Paul Wight).Great khali is taller than big show but big show weighs more.Big show defeated great khali.

Who is stronger big show or the Great Khali?

big show is stronger than the great khali

Who is a better wrestler the great khali or big show?

Big Show definetly the great khali has not held as many world titels as big show and now big show is a main eventer on wwe smackdown brand

Who is better big show or great khali?

I love The Big Show and The Great Khali, but The Big Show is one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all-time, so I'm gonna have to say that The Big Show is a better wrestler than The Great Khali. id say khali

Big John Studd or The Great Khali?

The Great Khali

When will the big show return?

after no way out. he will challenge great khali or umaga for wm24

Who did john cena date last year?

the great khali big daddy v the big show

What WWE superstar is very tall?

Great Khali, Big Show, Kane and the Undertaker

Can great khali fit in a car?

No because he has to share a limo with big show and kharma

Who is the strongest jbl mvp mysterio undertaker big show or the great khali?

mark Henry

Who have been the biggest wrestlers?

Giant Gonzalez,Great Khali, Big Show,Kane,Undertaker.

Who can beat the great Khali in WWE?

John Cena, Mark Henry, Big show and Vladimir Kozlov