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a loudspeaker! ....hahah...(not funny)

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Q: Who is someone who doesn't need a microphone?
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Do you need a microphone to talk to someone on the phone on gmail?

Yes, you will need a microphone to talk. It is the instrument through which your voice will pass. The microphone is an essential part of talking.

What do you do if your spectrobes doesnt awaken?

you microphone is probly broken

Why doesnt my microphone work on windows 8?

Your microphone is not working on Windows 8 because it lacks the drivers. Try updating the drivers and start again.

Can you record on your laptop without a mic?

No. You need either a built in microphone or you need to purchase a microphone that you can plug in.

Do you need a microphone for talking carl?

well that's what I've been told, only for an iPod though but i downloaded it and put a mic in and it still doesnt talk back :/ help?

Do you need a microphone to skype?


What kind of microphone do you need for a Behringer Xenyx 1002?

Any microphone with XLR input

What do you need for skyping?

a webcam and a microphone

Do you need a special kind of microphone to play rock band on the Wii or will any mic do?

No, net necessarily. You do need a Wii microphone

Can a microphone scissor arm fit any microphone?

No, some will need an adapter (if such an adapter is available).

Does the new x factor solus wii game come with a microphone?

yes if you don't need a microphone because you bought another game with a microphone then no :)

How do you get someone to notice your singing?

rope,duct tape, and a microphone