Who is scotty mcreery?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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scotty mcreery is a singer of season 10 of American Idol. He auditioned in Milwaukee, but comes from Garner, North Carolina. He is in the top for of season 10, and sings Country Music. He is a favorite, especially to teenage girls, and is usually calm and collected. But, as shown in recent interviews, has a very charming personality, is funny, and extremely outgoing. Scotty is a Christian and wears a cross every week. He is seventeen years old, and has a 21 year old sister named Nicole. P.S: Scotty is one of my favorites this season, although Casey Abrams was my absolute favorite, he went home on the top 6 elimination. I am now rooting for Scotty and James, even though Lauren has a very cute personality. ( There is also a rumor spreading that Lauren Alaina and Scotty Mccreery are dating. Though all rumors are denied by Scotty, Lauren admitted that he was "Kinda cute" in a recent interview on American Idol. Though Scotty covered it by saying they were just like brother and sister.)

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Q: Who is scotty mcreery?
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