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of course God... its been very evident. But there is a woman,,heaven sent,whos abiding within Gods love awaitn his love. Because God knows that he is SOOO very LOVED in return. For in time.. All shall know.. For all shall see,Truely & Sincerly for,,,& to the GLORY OF GOD.There is NO POWER that has ANY POWER OVER what GOD has ALREADY DONE. LOVE YOU BOO! (= Peace & Love world.

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Q: Who is pastor Jonathan l mcknight in love with now?
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Yes he is sorry lady's. God has bless him with a very special woman who god had set a side for him all the time. so for all the lady's who are upset about what they said how wrong he done them guess what it dose not matter because god put this together. And Satan tore it apart....>>>>>>>>>>and to whomever posted this sorry ladies entry..sorry to you too now Babe but I'm his Bae now. I sit in the front where he can see his Sweet Thang. God is good. You people are sick!

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