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Fraser Clark 100. Jared Letto 99. James Franco 98. Hayden Christensen 97. Ben Browder 96. Adam Barter 95. Thomas Roberts 94. Russel Tovey 93. Peter Paige 92. Mathew McConaughey 91. Jake Shears 90. Christopher Gorham 89. Robert Downey Jr. 88. Justin Hartly 87. Jude Law 86. John Krasinski 85. Rufus WainWright 84. Ricky Martin 83. Nicolas Gob 82. Henry Cavill 81. Adam Levine 80. Tom Ford 79. Shia LaBeouf 78. Jason Statham 77. Mitch Hewer 76. James Hutton 75. Dave Annable 74. Joseph Gordon-Levitt 73. J.P. Calderon 72. Darryl Stephens 71. Clive Owen 70. Christino Ronaldo 69. Ronnie Kroell 68. Josh Duhamel 67. Eric Mabius 66. Paul Rudd 65. Orlando Bloom 64. Lee Pace 63. Eric Bana 62. Ian Somerhalder 61. Ashton Kutcher 60. Jensen Atwood 59. Josh Holloway 58. Eddie Cibrian 57. Collin Farrell 56. Chad Allen 55. Patrick Dempsey 54. Ewen McGregor 53. Paul Walker 52. Gael Garcia Bernal 51. Taye Diggs 50. Eric Dane 49. Matt Damon 48. Chris Meloni 47. George Clooney 46. Matthew Fox 45. James McAvoy 44. Declan Bennett 43. Jared Padalecki 42. David Boreanaz 41. Gereld Butler 40. Johnny Depp 39. Ryan Gosling 38. Milo Ventimiglia 37. Mario Lopez 36. Jonathan Ryes Meyers 35.Jamie Bamber 34. Heath Ledger 33. David Tennant 32. Randy Harrison 31. Tom Welling 30. James Marsden 29. Jo Weil 28. Hugh Jackman 27. Channing Tatum 26. Christian Bale 25. Justin Timberlake 24. Zac Efron 23. Robert Grant 22. Matthew Ryes 21. Ryan Phillippe 20. Jake Silbermann 19. Chace Crawford 18. Wentworth Miller 17. Thore Sholermann 16. Daniel Craifg 15. Brad Pitt 14. T.R. Knight 13. Jensen Ackles 12. David Beckham 11. Gareth David-Lloyd 10. Ryan Reynolds 9. Anderson Cooper 8. Chris Evans 7. Van Hansis 6. Gale Harold 5. Neil Patrick Harris 4. Cheyenne Jackson 3. Luke MacFarlane 2. John Barrowman 1. Jake Gyllenhaal

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Q: Who is on the hot 100 guys list?
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