Who is not bound by confidentiality?

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Q: Who is not bound by confidentiality?
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Is a psychologist bound by the same confidentiality rules as a psychiatrist?

They are under the same doctor patient confidentiality laws. However if they feel that you are a harm to yourself or to others, they can take necessary steps to stop that before it happens.

The right to confidentiality in employment?


What is corporate confidentiality?

How to prevent Confidentiality?

You are 16 years old can you legally take Depo-Provera without parent consent?

yes. the doctor is bound by confidentiality and cannot discuss your medical issues with anyone.

When can confidentiality be breached?

confidentiality breached in schools

How can you get Top Secret psychiatric help?

Physicians (Psychiatrists are physicians) are bound by a code of confidentiality to their clients. They cannot release their patient's records escept by their patients express written permission.

What level of system and network configuration is required for CUI?

Moderate confidentiality

Security and confidentiality?

What is the importance of maintaining security and confidentiality?

Is planned parenthood confidential?

Yes, like all health care providers in the US, Planned Parenthood is bound by HIPAA rules regarding confidentiality and the release of private health information.

How does an interpreter deal with confidentiality?

An interpreter must sign confidentiality agreements for any company he/she works for stating that in any environment where a client is protected by confidentiality laws, he/she will abide by those confidentiality laws.

How would you describe confidentiality?

five words to describe the term confidentiality.

How o explain confidentiality to a service user?

how to explain what is confidentiality to a service user

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