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Men are generally taller than women. Men have testosterone that makes them taller and stronger than women.

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Q: Who is more taller men or woman?
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Why won't men date a woman that's taller than they are?

Because it's intimidating.

Why do women mature faster then men?

It's just their hormones. The average woman should be taller and more mature than a guy at the age of 14. But then the male will catch up and usually be taller and just as(maybe less) mature.

Are all men autistic more then woman?

No, not all men are autistic more then woman. very rare...

Why are men heavier than women?

Men do tend to have more muscle but aside from that they also have bigger, denser and heavier bones. They are also usually taller as well. But even if a woman and man had the same amount of muscle and fat and were the same height men's bones are bigger.

Are there more men than woman in England?

No there is more women then men

Do men or woman have more hair in their nose?


Why do more men hate being short than women?

Because they want to be taller than women if they're in a relationship. I think it's weird if the men are shorter than the women and it would be weird if the woman had to bend down to kiss the man.:):):)

Do men or woman have more red blood cells?


What do woman have more of than men do?

they are more talanted

Am I the only girl who isn't attracted to tall guys?

Haha, no you are not, there are plenty of girls that are not more attracted to taller men. Generally being tall is consider an attractive trait, but that does not mean every woman thinks so.

Are men taller than women?

It is the tale but not all men are taller you can get some tall women.

Why did men have more rights then woman?

Beacuase men were thought to be more suprior i disagree though.