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Some what a difference in romance. A man is more likely for has more romance to give than a girl has to give.

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Q: Who is love stronger men or women?
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Love in men is stronger or women?

Depending on the or woman. The only diference is that women need to talk about it more.

Why women are stronger than men?

Some women are stronger than men because they work out more or because their arms (for example) are used to lifting somethings and men aren't. No one nows for sure if men are stronger than women or if women are stronger than men. xoxoxox Hope this helps.

Why are calf muscles stronger in men than women?

calf muscles are stronger in men than women is because they have reps!!1

Who do more work men or women?

men becase men are stronger

Is there any sports men cant that women can?

yes women can do anything like men but men are pathetically stronger

Are black women stronger than white men?

People have been asking are black women stronger than white men. The answer is yes. That is why many white men are starting to date black women. They want to be with a woman who is about twice as strong as them. Most black girls are much stronger than white men and very little men are stronger.

When a man is truly in love is the love stronger than a woman's?

yes, definitely a mans love is stronger than a womans. its why men will go out of their way to do silly things for women.

Is a man naturally stronger then a woman?

Men are usually physically stronger than women, but they are not emotionally stronger.

Are men stronger than women?

Actually men have more natural upper body strength and a higher range of heights than women do. With greater size also come greater strength and men are generally bigger.Women are strong in different ways. Women have to go though periods and have babies which takes strength.

Why do women have rolls and men have one roll?

Because women are more stronger

Would it be generally true to say that women love men because men love women?


Are tall girls and tall women stronger?

What do you mean by "Stronger"? If you mean stronger than men, depends on the people.