Who is Ruth mears?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ruth Mears is married to Wilderness Guide and Survival Expert Ray Mears.

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Q: Who is Ruth mears?
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Who is Ray Mears married to?

Yes Rae Mears was married but his wife died from breast cancer in May 2006Ray re-married on 3rd October 2009 to Ruth Coates, now Ruth Mears in Wadhurst Castle, East Sussex, UK.

Who knows about Babe Ruth 1935S bat stamped on label only 1 made given to Ruth at retirement 1935. has 100 faded artwork from ink well pen. louisville slugger has no record. Mears confirms real.?

If MEARS confirmed that the bat is authentic, then MEARS Knows about it. Louisville slugger does not keep records on store model bats. If the bat was presented to Babe Ruth at retirement it would be an historic piece of memorabilia, and should be accompanied by provenance. I have no idea what you mean by 100 faded art work. You can contact MEARS trough their message board, See Related Links below.

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What is the birth name of Jen Mears?

Jen Mears's birth name is Jennifer Lynne Mears.

What is the birth name of Jordan Mears?

Jordan Mears's birth name is Jordan David Mears.

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Rick Mears's birth name is Rick Ravon Mears.

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Roger Mears's birth name is Roger Eugene Mears.

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Stannard Mears's birth name is Benjamin Stannard Mears.

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Mears was born in Salisbury, in Rhodesia.

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Ray Mears is 6'.

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ray mears?

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Charles Mears died in 1895.