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rober pattisonn

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Q: Who is Kristan Stewart's boyfriend?
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Did kristan break up with her boyfriend for rob?


Was Kristen Stewarts boyfriend in speak?

Yes. That is now her ex boyfriend.

Is Kristen Stewarts boyfriend?

Kristen Is dating Robert Pattinson

Dose Kristen Stewarts boyfriend go on the set?


How old is Kristin Stewarts boyfriend?

he's about 20 right now

Is Kristan Stewarts boy friend jealous of Robert Pattinson because he gets to kiss Kristen Stewart?

Not realy people just say that ohhhhhhh pa-lease he is soooooooooooo jealous im mean if i was dating rob and he was kissin kristan i be pissed off and thin about it he is sooooooooooo fine who wouldn't b jealous? !?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!????!!!???

Was Kristen Stewarts boyfriend in Sky High?

Yes, Michael Angarano was the lead role.

Does Kristen Stewart 's boyfriend want to kill Robert Pattinson?

Kristen stewarts boyfriend currently is robert pattinson, so no.

Who are Kristin Stewarts friends?

The twilight cast, her ex-boyfriend, her old cast mates, ect...

What is Kristan Vrh's population?

The population of Kristan Vrh is 395.

When did Etbin Kristan die?

Etbin Kristan died in 1953.

When was Etbin Kristan born?

Etbin Kristan was born in 1867.