Who is Flippy falling in love?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I think flippy isn't in love because he is from the computer but some toons like him but he doesnt know i play toontown alot

he might like flaky. i dunno for sure

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Q: Who is Flippy falling in love?
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Flippy love who?

ale and flaky

Who is the best character on happy tree friends?

the moose dude The 1st person means Lumpy. Personally I am in love with Flippy!

Is Flippy 50?

No Flippy is 147

Who is Flippy in toontown?

Flippy is adog in toon town

Should you inform the BIOS when changing the flippy drive?

whats a flippy drive?? i know floppy drive but i don't know flippy

Does flaky have a crush on flippy?

No she does not, Flippy or Fliqpy has PTSD from the war so whenever hears a sound from like a war he goes 1 to 100 real quick so Flaky has Panophobia (the fear of everything) And fears Flippy and she knows that Flippy has PTSD and is like sans (knows about timelines and resets) so No Flaky does not have a crush on flippy

Are flippy like giggles?

No, because flippy does not like giggles.It show in (this is your knife) Flaky. He likes Flaky. -------------------------- Actually, there is no set answer in the happy tree friends. all the couples are fanmade. if you support flippy/flaky, then support it. if you support flipp/giggles, go for it, as they have no destined one in the series. Most people think he actually loves Flaky. They have even created a whole fanmade anime version of them in which Flippy is in love with Flaky.

When was Falling in Love with Love created?

Falling in Love with Love was created in 1938.

Are flaky and flippy in love?

People love Flippy and Flaky together because she is his closest friend. He didn't kill her in some episodes: "Party Animal". "Double Whammy" and "Without A Hitch". He also tried to save her in Without A Hitch, but she was too scared of him. So she is the character he cares the most for.

Is ale flippy's girlfriend?

Ale is a Mary Sue created by a 12 year old girl, obsessed with Flippy. Flippy doesn't have a girlfriend in the actual show, but he cares for Flaky.

I am falling in love with you?

Yes you are falling in love with me :P :D

What other words mean falling in love?

falling in love