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The love of his life.

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No, he's gay.

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Q: Who is Bill Hemmer's girlfriend?
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Who is bill hemmers girl friend?

Dara Tomanovich

Are there pictures of bill hemmers wife?

Google Dara Tomanovich

When was Cor Hemmers born?

Cor Hemmers was born on 1956-08-24.

What is the name of bill hemmers girlfriend?

No, he does not seem to be married; but news reports on celebrity gossip sites say he has a long-time girlfriend, model and actress Dara Tomanovich.

What has the author K Hemmers written?

K. Hemmers has written: 'Planung des Personalbedarfs in indirekten Bereichen' -- subject(s): Industries, Manpower planning, Occupations

Does bill krautiz have a girlfriend?

at the moment bill kaulitz does not have a girlfriend

Does Bill have girlfriend?

No he doesn't have a girlfriend...

What has the author J H Hemmers written?

J. H. Hemmers has written: 'Schetsen uit het leven van Ludwig Ingwer Nommensen, den apostel der Batakkers'

What is a Picture of bill kaulitz girlfriend?

Bill Kaulitz does not have a girlfriend. So there is no picture to show.

Does Bill have a girlfriend now?


How can you be bill's girlfriend?

By meeting him.

Does bill have a girlfriend in 2010?

No he does not.