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Clinton Scott of Harrisburg Pa Clinton Scott of Harrisburg Pa

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Q: Who invented the life support machine?
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When was the life support machine invented?

2 August 1877

Who invented the lifesuport?

Who invented the life support

Who invented life support system?

what date was it invented

When were life support machines invented?


What does a life support machine look like?

something that keep olive machine that and it is white

Who invented life-support system?

it was invented by Matthew diffy in 1960's

Who is J Andre thomas?

J. Andre-Thomas invented the first heart-lung machine, allowing advanced life-support during open-heart surgery in the 1950s.

What is life support?

Maintenance of the vital functions of a critically ill or comatose person or a person undergoing surgery: "a life-support machine".

How do you disconnect somebodies life support machine?

remove Ethernet cable

Does a life support machine have a on off switch or button?

One of the true mysteries of life I suppose..

What does life support mean?

Life support is when the person body is in a really bad shape (like after a really bad car crash or overdose). They put a life support on the person life is supported by the machine- that why it is called a life support; supports life. Sometimes the person ends up relying completely on the machine and will never wake up. The doctor switch off the life support because the person life is dependant on it and they can never come off it- they will never wake up.

What is in artificial life support?

When a patient needs a machine, or a ventilator to breath for them, then that patient is on artificial life support. When a patient does not have the ability to breath on their own, or eat on their own, they will need artificial life support, or they will die.