Who invented making out?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Josh creed

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Q: Who invented making out?
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Why where movie's invented?

For making entertainment

What year was the shoe making machine invented?

After doing research I've figured out that the shoe making machine was invented in the year 1742.

When were the first paper-making machines invented?

The first machines used for making paper were invented in France in the late eighteenth century.

Who invented the shoe making machine that increases the speed of shoe making?


When was a shoe making machine invented?

the shoe making machine was made in 1886.

What year was paper-making invented?


Who invented the steel making?

Andrew Carnegie

How was dance invented?

dance was 1rst invented while someone was making random moves

Who invented the fireworks?

The Chinese invented gunpowder, which they used in making explosive rockets for war as well as for making fireworks, about 1,000 years ago.

Who invented newsprint?

A Canadian named Charles Fenerty invented the making of newsprint from wood pulp.

What nation invented silk making?

China invented Silk in 2400 BC Yuen Fei invented it. She was a mistress in an Emperor's household

Why was chips invented?

chips was really a accident making .