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About 5000 years ago the ancient civilization called the Sumerians tried to prevent the painful sensation of heartburn and reflex. Since then people have been improving antacids and eventually turning them into antacid tablets.

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Q: Who invented antacids and when?
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What salts are in antacids?

Antacids are medicine that counteract acidity. The different types of antacids are sodium antacids (Alka-seltzers), calcium antacids (Tums) and magnesium antacids (Maalox).

What type of chemical are antacids?

The Chemicals in antacids are called agga

Are antacids basic salts?

Antacids are basic salts or hydroxides.

How do antacids effect a pH indicator?

Antacids work by neutralizing stomach acid, which can change the pH level of the stomach. If an antacid is added to a solution containing a pH indicator, it can affect the color change of the indicator by altering the acidity or basicity of the solution.

Chemical composition of antacids?

The composition of antacids is very different; see the link below.

Can you take antacids with depakote er?

Antacids should not normally be taken with other medicines.

Do antacids have benzos in them?


What chamicals are in antacids?

A common compound in antacids is calcium carbonate. Sodium bicarbonate is also an antacid.

What kinds of antacids can you take while taking warfarin?

what kind of antacids can be taken while on coumidine

How antacids work against bases?

Antacids react with bases and neutralize each other to form a neutral.

How do antacids help clear indigestion?

Antacids neutralize the effect of Hcl in our body if it is in excess so if the acid is getting too corrosive andis damaging the digestive system then antacids help clear it.

How do antacids work?

Antacids work by neutralizing acid and coating the stomach. Antacids should be taken 1 hour after meals or when gastro esophageal reflux disease symptoms occur. Liquid antacids usually work faster than tablets or chewable. Antacids are useful because they relieve symptoms rapidly. But relief is only temporary. Over-the-counter antacids do not prevent symptoms from returning or rarely allow an injured esophagus to heal.