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Q: Who has said the quote The miserable have no other medicine but hope?
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What are some others words you can use instead of grim?

some other words you can use are sad, unhappy, depressing, miserable, painful! hope these answers work for you!

What is the high modality word for sad?

A high modality word for sad is Miserable. Hope this helps :)

How Do You Write an Assertion Statement?

To write an assertion you introduce the quote or example, document the quote or example, then add commentary. If it is a quote from a book, then it will look like this. Intro to quote. "Quote" then (page # in parenthesis) then a period. Commentary (why you picked the quote, about the quote, etc). Hope this helped! =)

Who is the farther of medicine?

Dr. Phil Hope i helped (: SUCKA

Who was the fourth cat in warriors the last hope?

The fourth cat in "Warriors: The Last Hope" was Jayfeather. He is a blind medicine cat from ThunderClan with a connection to StarClan and the ability to walk in other cats' dreams.

Where is Medicine Lake?

* There is the City of Medicine Lake, MN. * There is the Medicine Lakie volcano in CA. * There is the lake of that name in Alberta. * There is a lake of that name on the edge of new hope Minnesota.

Where there is no vision their is no hope is a quote from what black American scientist?

George Washington Carver

What has the author Edward W Hope written?

Edward W. Hope has written: 'Industrial hygiene and medicine' -- subject(s): Industrial Medicine, Industrial hygiene, Occupational diseases, Public health

What is the difference between quote and reply?

a quote is something a person eg " you should live life large". And a reply is an answer to a question. hope that helps bye.

How do you use unproductive in a sentence?

the medicine was very unproductive hope this helps :)

Who said earn from yesterday live for today hope for tomorrow?

Albert Einstein is often credited with the quote "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." This quote emphasizes the importance of learning from past experiences, living in the present moment, and maintaining hope for the future.

What is the meaning of the quote Take Hope from the heart of man and you make him a beast prey?

Hope springs eternally from the heart of man, if this is taken away, then there is no hope, and you become vulnerable