Who does yuki get with?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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If you're asking about the anime series Vampire Knight,then Yuki ends up with Kuran Kaname.

However, that's the anime. The anime stops after season 2, when Rido is defeated; however, they discontinued the anime. The MANGA is still in progress, and we don't know if Yuuki leaves Kaname for Zero or not, which is a possibility, because she does love him. The cynic in me says that it's unbelievably unlikely for her to choose Zero over Kaname (despite the fact that she and Zero are better suited for each other - Kaname is the easier choice, which is why, I believe, she goes with him in the first place), unless Kaname dies, which I think is also very probable. Typically, the human brain is all about self-preservation - it will go with what's easiest, to prevent being hurt, even if it's futile. It will ignore the heart, and choose the easier solution, rather than the harder one, no matter how wonderful the ending of the harder solution may seem. This is assuming that the author is going for realism, of course.

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Yuki gets with Zero. But Zero's the big hero there. Although, without the help of Yuki and Kaname, he wouldnt've been a hero. But Yeah, Yuki leaves Zero and Cross Academy to live with Kaname.

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Q: Who does yuki get with?
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