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She eventually falls in love with Zero.

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Q: Who does Nina Fall In Love with in Mamotte Lollipop?
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Does zero love Nina in mamotte lollipop?

Yes, the ending was very good. There is also a sequel to the book called Mamotte Madotte Lollipop.

In what manga of mamotte lollipop do zero and Nina kiss?

In Mamotte! Lollipop Vol. 7 Ch.029: The Power of Love, near end.

Why is mamotte lollipop called mamotte lollipop?

Mamotte means save me in Japenese and its called save me lollipop because of the lollipop Ichi gives Nina to protect her. He put a defense spell on it.

Who does Nina like in mamotte lollipop?

Nina likes both of the boys in the first volume but when the story gets better she ends up with zero after he teel her that he loves her --- in Mamotte! Lollipop, she goes through the love of both of them but falls in love with Zero and he returns her feelings. In Modotte! mamotte! Lollipop, Zero and Nina date and love each other through the entire series, even with a few bumps along the way

In mamotte lollipop who is Nina's first kiss?


When do Zero and Nina from mamotte lollipop kiss?

i think its in episode 9

On Mamotte Lollipop is everyone Nina's friend even though they try to capture her? the end they end up being friends

How does mamotte lollipop end?

Its very simple Sun and forte end up together Nina ad zero get married Rokka and ichi end up together

Who is the most annoying peoson in mamotte lollipop?

Nina. She's a whiny, damsel in distress brat who can't even look after herself most of the time. She expects so much from her dream guy yet she doesn't even deserve any of it.

Who did you make don Lothario fall in love with?


Where can you find a list of mamotte lollipop characters?

ive seen the animes and am reading the books Zero Nina Ichi Go Rokka Nanase Yakumo San Forte Will Aquamarine.... there are more but follow this link it has a pic with names Sorry i forgot the link(hits head)

Who is Lil Waynes girlfriend?

Lil Wayne is currently dating Nina Hagen . She is completely in love with him and he is in love with her aswell .