Who does LSD effect?

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2010-05-21 23:42:15

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LSD has effects on all people and animals

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2010-05-21 23:42:15
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Q: Who does LSD effect?
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Related questions

Does LSD still have an effect on you if you smoke it?

No. It will be entirely destroyed. LSD is very fragile.

Does smoking a ciggarette effect the effects of LSD?

No, if anything, LSD would effect the effects of cigarettes. when ever I did LSD, I seemed to chain smoke and i never could get enough nicotine.

What effect does LSD have on cats?

give it to him and find out

Can touching LSD have an effect?

LSD can be absorbed through the skin, it depends on the strength and the length of time in contact with it.

Does LSD effect your motor skills?

No, technically LSD does not affect your subconscious motor skills. LSD will however impair your ability to react to a stimulus with motor skills.

Does LSD produce effect the first time?

If what you take is actually LSD at a dose >30ug then it will produce effects the first time.

What are the symptoms of magic mushrooms?

They have a powerful hallucinogenic effect similar to LSD.

What is a physical effect of LSD?

Sweating, nausia, seeing things that arent there.

Did Albert Hoffman self experiment with LSD only once?

Yes, many times in order to discover the effect LSD had over the humans.

Which produces stronger and more intense effects LSD or 2ce?

They both have about the same effect, I'd say that LSD has more visuals though.

Does LSD have any physiological effect on the digestive system?

LSD can cause reduced appetite and nausea in some people. Some users report increased flatulence after taking LSD. It does not alter the pH of the stomach.

How would LSD effect your life?

You will learn more about yourself, and the world around you.

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