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The HPI may be documented by the medical assistant or nurse, and then confirmed and refined by the clinician.

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Q: Who documented HPI in the medical record?
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What happpens if something is not documented in a medical record?

There would be no proof of anything.

If a code is not documented in medical records the medical assistant should never code a patient as having what?

a medical assistant should never code a patient as having what unless its is documented in medical record

What does the medical abbreviation HPI mean?

HPI stands for "History of Present Illness"

What is abbreviation for history and physical as you will see it written in the patients medical record?

History and physical may be abbreviated "H&P" on a medical record. In a soap note, you might instead see "HPI" for history of present illness, "PFMSH" for previous family, medical, and social history, and "PE" for physical exam.

What are symptoms of HPI?

HPI means "history of present illness." It is a list of symptoms. I believe you're trying to read your medical record and are mixing up "HPI" with a diagnosis. It's just the heading of a section of some visit notes. Contact your health care provider for assistance in making sense out of your chart. If that isn't possible, consider finding a different health care provider.

What is the meaning of the word HPI?

HPI stands for History of Present Illness. It is a medical term used to describe the details and context of a patient's current medical condition or symptoms. It includes information such as when the symptoms started, how they have progressed, and any factors that may have contributed to the illness.

What does no documented MI mean in medical terms?

"No documented MI" means no documented (history of) mycardial infarction.

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