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Pat green. Pat green. Pat green.

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Q: Who discovered triple x syndrome?
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Can triple x syndrome inherited?

No. Triple X occurs on the sex chromosomes.

Do any famous people have triple x syndrome?

Patricia Ann Jacobs(1934-)has Triple X Syndrome. She is the first lady diagnosed Triple X. She is studying genetics now.

How do you prevent triple x syndrome?


What Triple x syndrome occurs because?


Is Turner's syndrome the same as triple x syndrome?

No, Turner's syndrome is caused by a missing or incomplete X chromosome in females, resulting in short stature and other physical characteristics. Triple X syndrome, on the other hand, is when females have an extra X chromosome, which can lead to infertility and other physical and developmental differences.

Famous people who have triple x syndrome?

There are no famous individuals known to have Triple X syndrome (also called Trisomy X). Triple X syndrome is a genetic condition that affects females where they have an extra X chromosome (XXY) instead of the typical XX combination. It is a relatively rare condition and may often go undiagnosed.

What chromosomes carry triple x syndrome?

chromosome 21

What year was triple x discovered?


Is there a treatment for Triple X Syndrome?

i dont think so but there might eventually. the above response is incorrect. Triple X syndrome does not have a treatment because you cannot take an X chromosome away from every cell in the body

How does triple x syndrome occur?

Triple X syndrome is a genetic disorder in which a girl has three X chromosomes instead of two. Triple X occurs once in every 1,000 female births. However, doctors believe many girls with Triple X go their lifetime undiagnosed. The major features of Triple X are learning, behavioral and emotional problems. Compared with other syndromes in which a person has inherited three chromosomes. Triple X is quite mild in nature.

How is Triple X syndrome detected?

Triple X syndrome is typically diagnosed through genetic testing called karyotyping, where a sample of the individual's blood or other tissue is examined to determine the presence of an extra X chromosome. Symptoms may not always be present, so the condition may be discovered incidentally while investigating other medical issues or during prenatal screening.

Is triple x syndrome race or gender centered?

Gender. Only Females can get it.