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He believed they should help themselves, but with the government providing the means for them to help themselves.

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Q: Who did hoover believe should provide help to the needy?
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Did Herbert Hoover believe that private charities should help the needy?


What is Today Com food Where can I find out more?

I believe that Today Com food is a movement to provide organic and healthy food to the needy. It is a very worthwhile project and should be supported by everyone.

Why does Salvation Army want to help needy?

They want to help the needy because they believe that everyone should have warm clothes and a nice hot meal.

Herbert Hoover believed that the most of the help for the needy should come from?

He believed that help for the needy should come mostly from private sources, their neighbors, their families and friends and from city , county and state governments. He did not think that well-fare was one of the duties of the federal government under the US Constitution.

How did Abigail Adams help people?

See i am not exactaly sure,but, I do believe she gave to the needy soldjers and provide them with clothes,food, and water.

Hoover's direct relief for people in need?

President Hoover's believed in limited federal government intervention in direct relief for people in need. He stressed private and local responsibility for direct relief for the needy.

What are the objectives of loans?

it aims at providind fund to the needy timelyand and hassel free provide the required amount to the needy individiual...

Charities and churches worked to provide aid for the needy called?


Will college provide financial aid to the needy student who want discontinue their studies?

Why would a college want to pay you to stop attending? If you are needy - get a job. Take responsibility for your own life and stop thinking anyone should put money in your palm just because you hold it out there.

What are the rights of poor and needy people?

every country has different rights but the poor and needy should have the same rights as us.

How does the government of the US try to provide food and shelter for needy families?

well people have kids.

What places supply emergency food?

Local food banks will provide emergency food for needy persons and families.