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Talk to your partner. Communication is key in a relationship. It is really the two people in a relationship that should really be working the problems out. Do not try to involve others in your problems as they are likely to make things worse or not have the sense to fully understand the issues. The last thing you can do is visit a therapist. It seems to be a trend these days but therapy does not do anyone any good as even the person giving you therapy is most likely is facing relationship problems in their lives as well.

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Q: Who could you talk to if you having relationship problems?
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How do you stop a controlling woman?

Well you could talk to her about it and tell her what your having problems with and see if you could talk it out.

Is it OK for a wife to talk about relationship problems her and her husband are having with another man who is a only a customer to the wife?

no i think that is getting to personal for a buissness situation

Your friend has relationship problems and you want to ask him out but its too complicated What do you do?

Say `I can see you are having relationship problems at the moment and I want you to know im here for you if you would like to talk about it. Im going out to ..... on Thursday why don't you come with me it will do you good to go out and have some fun and forget your problems`

What to talk about with your boyfriend when its complete silence?

you talk about how his life is maybe he having problems

Teen relationship problems?

Teenagers face a lot of peer pressure. They feel like they need to conform when presented with alcohol and drugs. They also are pressured to have pre marital sexual relationships.

How do you feel if your wife rejected you when it comes to having intimacy or sex?

maybe it's not you, she could have problems as well, the best thing to do is talk to her

Did they have relationship problems and was she going to leave him?

if they had relationship problems they need to see if they can work it out before they leave each other because in a relationship you need and have to have to be able to talk to each other.

Why he does not want to discuss problems in your relationship?

believe it or not some times guys are scared to talk about your relationship, but that's when you got to step it up and talk to hi. :)

You love your boyfriend so much and you cant let him go but things arnt working. Any advice?

well first, you should talk to him. talk about the problems your being faced with in your relationship. if he is the type you cant talk to easily (which could already be part of the problem) then maybe its time to say goodbye. But make sure you understand and know how he's feeling about you and your relationship. remember you could be guilty just as much as he could be for a failing relationship.

What does it mean when a girl says she doesn't want to talk about our relationship problems?

If your boyfriend doesn't want to talk about the problems in your relationship, then its usually not a good sign. But first you should think about what the problems really are. If they are serious issues and he doesnt want to discuss them you should think about if that is the kind of relationship you want to be in. If the problems are not serious or harmful to you or your relationship maybe he's just avoiding a useless fight! :)

If you are having a relationship problem you should talk to a trusted adult?


How could you overcome problems with your Ex?

Talk About It