Who can Cut elderly toenails?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ask your family doctor to recommend a podiatrist, or look in the yellow pages for one. A podiatrist is a professional who specializes in the care of the feet.

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Q: Who can Cut elderly toenails?
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How can you prevent ingrown toenails?

get your parents to cut your toenails for you, if you are bad at cutting them.

How do giraffes cut their toenails?

they dont

How do you get strong toenails?

Don't cut them, paint them or peel them

Do you have to cut their toenails- turtles?

yes they do but they are not like our's they are blue ;)

How often should you cut toenails?

Once a week is recommended

What do you do when your hamsters toenails get to long?

Hamsters Toenails are not very easy to cut but you may be able to bring them to a pet store and they should be able to help.

How can you prevent an ingrown toenail?

get your parents to cut your toenails for you, if you are bad at cutting them.

What happens to toenails as you age?

I gets uglier and bigger unless you cut them.

What happens if you don't cut your toenails?

Your toenails will grow so long. They will curl back and kill you. This happened to a recent freind of mine. Who was 7. This is true

Are licensed nurses allowed to cut toenails or must it be done by a licensed manicurist?

No, nurses are not allowed to cut or clip a patient's toenails. They are however allowed to file them down. Typically a podiatrist will cut them, or a nurse who specializes and is certified in foot care is allowed too.

How do you do number 82 on the impossible quiz?

Cut all the toenails by clicking them. (You have to be fast!).

What is the record of longest toenails?

The record for the longest toenails belonged to Louise Hollis, whose toenails measured a combined length of 6.77 meters (22 feet 2.75 inches) before she eventually cut them in 1990.