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who are you accountable to as a foster carer in islington

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Q: Who are you accountable to in your work as a foster carer?
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Can a foster carer have epilepsy?

can you be a foster parent and have epilepsy

How do you say foster carer in french?

foster parents would be parents nourriciers

Can a foster carer receive any benefits if they do not have a child in placement?


Is it accountable to or accountable for?

Both. That is, one is accountable to one's superior for one's work.

My foster carer tony say I was acting like hes my boyfriend but how I do it?

He may say you are acting like this because you are always hanging on him.

How do you become a foster carer?

Generally, yes. It isn't much, but usually covers the additional cost of having someone living in your home.

How old do i need to be to work at a foster care or foster home.?

how can you work in a foster home

I have a crush on my foster carer tony hes married and every time when his wife mary was there it make me want to kill her so I can marries to tony Please help me?

If you have a crush on your foster caregiver Tony, if sounds like a childhood crush. Tony is married, and taken, and is loved by his wife. You need to find someone more your age who is available to return your love and affection.

How do you write a short report as a carer at work?

You Have To Get Facts And Turn Them Into Senteces

My foster carer Tony knows I have crush on him why do he say I was acting like he is my boyfriend?

Because he knows you have a crush on him, and you probably show it more than you realize.

When can a foster carer have contact with an adopted child after it has moved on?

You can't contact the child until they are adults unless the adoptive parents let you. When they are adults they decide for themselves.

Can a foster carer do child minding?

no not really having a that job anyway is like being a child minder they could in a way but i don't see why they would want to.