Who are more lazy girls or boys?

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That has more to do with upbringing and personality than with gender. Some boys are lazier than some girls, but some girls are lazier than some boys.

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Q: Who are more lazy girls or boys?
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Why Girls Are more cleaner than boys?

because they are lazy!

Why are boys so lazy?

boys are known to be lazy but like girls everyone can be lazy! there are fat girs and fat boys. boys and girls both can get jobs but can both not get jobs =]

Why are boys more lazy than girls?

Boys are not lazier than girls- they are motivated differently. Boys seem to need a particular pay-off, while girls just do what needs to be done. Carries through to adulthood as well...

Is their more girls then boys?

There are more girls than boys.

Why are girls not lazy while boys are?

Girls are most definitely lazy. I am a girl. And much lazier than many guys I know. As are a lot of my friends.

Are there more girls in the world or more boys?

There are more boys in the world there is more girls

There is more boys or girls?

there are more boys in the world acording to the govament there is 3248080000 boys and there is 3214983000 girls (\___/) (='.'=) ('')-('')

Who has more hair girls or boyS?

Boys. Girls have more hair's than Boys!

Are girls more shy than boys?

no girls are more outgoing then boys. at times girls can be shy but boys are shyer then girls.

Why girls grow long hairs than boys?

Generally girls have long hair, and boys have shorter hair.Because girls like to pretend as princesses, and boys are too lazy to take care of their hair.

Does Asperger's occur in more boys than girls or in more girls than boys?

It occurs more often in boys than girls.

Who spend more money girls or boys?

undoutedly, girls spend more money than boys.

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