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is the facility like a nursing home or home care agencies

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Q: Who are institutional users of the health record?
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Is third-party payer an institutional user of the health record?


What are institutional users of the health record?

The main institutions referred to - by this term - are 1) healthcare organizations (hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, etc.) and 2) health insurance companies, and also 3) governmental agencies overseeing and regulating the healthcare industry.

Who are the primary users of the health record?

The health records very important to the providers. The records tell whether u should be saved or killed

What benefit do users derive from data that has been enhanced by information?

Institutional users are then able derive interpretation that leads to conclusions and implications.

Who are the users of accounting record?


What is institutional tolerance?

When the mental health centers that women are referred to no longer have a lasting effect.

What is school health record?

A school Health Record is a record your school makes to see if you have symptoms of a disease you are of having risk at.

What are 5 factors the influence your health?

5 kinds of factors that influence health are Genetic, Behavioral, Socioeconomic status, environmental and institutional/social.

What determines consumption and investment in the long run model of economics?

the health of the economy institutional base of the economy

What is the specific problem of the drug addiction?

it can affect the health of the users

What is not a traditional health record format?

EMR- Electronic Medical record

What is the best predictor of health?

A doctor? Your genetics? A good health record?

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