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The left over dirt from not washing your head the right way

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Q: White stuff under nails after you scratch your head?
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In what two ways are hair and nails similar?

The hair protects your scalp, under arms, and pubic area. Your nails are used to massage and scratch your body.

Why should we trim our nails?

Long nail are easily damaged, and can scratch or catch on material. Also, dirt can get under the nails (usually after doing a dirty job) which doesn't look nice.

Do fingernails have dirt under them? but if you scratch your skin alot, all the dirt from your skin, gets underneath your nails, or if you dig sand or dirt.....

Give a sentence using the word soil?

Soil is different from dirt, as dirt is the stuff under your finger nails.

How can you remove nail polish from your nails?

a metal embry board with the tip. or if you don't have that, try a toothpick Most dirt under nails comes from digging things up with you nails. But the most common way to get dirt under your nails is scratching. When you take a bath a scratch, lets say your arm or something, the dead skin scraps off into your finger nails. So don't scratch with your nails. try using the back of your nails instead. But the reason why I crossed off "try a toothpick" is because you can damage your tissue that connects the nail to your finger if you accidentally jab further then under the nail. You can clean you nails with your own nails while taking a shower. In short, don't scratch with your nails because it causes dirt to form. Which is usually dead skin. And the best way to get rid of the dirt is to clean daily, cut your nails short so the nails cant collect dirt (not to short, it will hurt). Try using a nail filer ( I think that's what its called ) so the white stuff of the nail covers any dirt, and if your a girl use nail polish to cover it and fix it later.

Why the nails grow?

Your nails protect your skin under your nails.

Does drinking water get rid of white spots on nails?

No, The white spots under the nails are from lack of calcium. If you have these spots then try drinking milk more frequently, you can also try adding more cheese to your diet or eating yogurt.

Can nail polish be used as white out?

if u want but it is bad 4 ur nails. ive seen people do it ---- You can use it for your nails but it is not recommended because it is not good for your nails. It also does not look good.

Do your nails still grow when they have uv gel on them?

well i wear false nails all the time and whenwearing them my nails still grow under neat the false nails soyeah they still grow under the false nails !

Does painting your nails stop your nails from growing?

No. The growing part is in back of your nails under the skin. The part that you paint is dead.

Does Angelina Ballerina paint her nails?

She does not paint her nail because she is not allowed to paint her nails and you should not paint your nails if you are under 12.

What kinds of clothing are offered for sale under the White Stuff brand?

White Stuff is a brand that offers quite a number of various clothing articles. Some examples of these are men's T-shirts and polos and Women's dresses, jackets, and coats.