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The eye, specifically rods and cones.

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Q: Which type of sensory receptor helps humans detect light?
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What is the name of the sensory system that runs from head to tail on each side of a sharks body that helps a shark maintain balance and detect sound?

its just called the lateral line

What is the function of the antenna in the grasshopper?

These antennas can be used as a sensory device or to help balance 1. pheromone receptor 2. chemical receptor 3. smell receptor 4. mechano receptor 5. organ tactile receptor

What skin receptor cells hep us to touch?

the skin receptor that helps us to touch is our skin receptors

What is a whales sixth sense?

It is a sensory organ at the tip of their lower jaw with no name yet. Whales use a technique called "lunge feeding" where they suck in tons of water and then filter their food out from the water with their baleen. The sensory organ helps them detect their prey and coordinate the critical timing of the opening and closing of their vast mouths to keep it from escaping.

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The system for sensing the position and movement of individual body parts is?

The vestibular system detects motion, gravity and provides us with our sense of balance.This is an addition to the above-mentioned answer. Basically, we have three sensory systems that are responsible for the sense of position and movements, and they are:dorsal column-medial lemniscus = detect position and movements of limbs and trunkvestibular system = detect position and movements of your headvision = it helps the other two sensory systems during walking and standing

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What is the function of a sensory neurone?

The sensory nerves are nerves that let you feel things and it sends signals to your brain when you feel something touching you.Sensory neurons are responsible for carrying impulses from the sense organs to the brain and spinal cord.A sensory neuron carries an impulse from the receptor to the coordinator (CNS), thus to relay neuron ( SIMPLY CONNECTS THE TWO NEURONS) -also see SYNAPSE and motor neuron to effector organ etc. This can be summed up as (reflex arc) - passage taken RECEPTOR - SENSORY NEURON - RELAY NEURON - COORDINATOR - MOTOR NEURON - EFFECTOR ORGAN - RESPONSE.