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Q: Which type of injury prevention begins after an injury and is intended to limit the damage caused by the injury?
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What was the treaty of Versailles intended to do?

The treaty of versailles was intended to make Germany pay for the vast damage they had caused in the first world war

When an earthquake occurs where would be damage more?

If the earthquake occurs on land - the highest damage occurs at the epicentre (the point at which the quake starts). If the quake begins at sea - most damage is caused at coastal regions from tidal waves.

How can hypopituitarism be prevented?

There is no known prevention of hypopituitarism, except for prevention of damage to the pituitary/hypothalamic area from injury.

What is the definition of 'damage control'?

Damage control is keeping damage under control. It is however not the "prevention" of therefore said damage, it only the "containment" of the said damage.

What damage did the valdivia earthquake cause?

The Valdivia earthquake, which occurred in Chile in 1960, was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. It caused widespread damage in the region, including the destruction of buildings, roads, and infrastructure, as well as triggering tsunamis that caused further devastation along the coast. The earthquake also resulted in numerous fatalities and injuries.

What causes the most damage associated with tornadoes?

Most of the damage caused by tornadoes is the result of extremely powerful winds.

What was the damage caused of Mount Etna?

It caused a lot of damage like destroying buildings

What is uv damage?

It is damage caused by the sun.

When has a tsunami caused the most damage in US History?

A tsunami caused most damage in 2004

What is meant by marginal damage?

Marginal damage is a term used in the economics of law that refers to the incremental (derivative) change in damage incurred by increasing levels of risk or decreasing levels of prevention with respect to some kind of harmful activity. Marginal damages are used to calculate optimal levels of damage, risk, and prevention.

Will a car start with battery polarity reversed?

No, and it may have caused major damage to the elctrical system.No, and it may have caused major damage to the elctrical system.

What is security control?

Objectives of information Security and control= 1. To prevent unauthorized access to the location. 2. to prevent confidentiality of data. 3. To provide disaster recovery system. 4. prevention of malicious damage. 5. prevention of prevention from accidental damage. Characteristics of IS&c= 1.Integrity=A system functions as intended then it is considered to have integrity. So the system designers make such a system that can work even if one or more components do not work. 2.Auditability=Easy to examine,verify,and demonstrate the performance of a system. 3.Controlability=helps management to have control over use and content of a system.