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The human body is a pretty interesting thing to study. The parts of the body that are least sensitive to touch are the ventral forearm & back of neck.

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lips and fingertips

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Q: Which two body areas tested were most sensitive to touch?
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Which body areas least sensitive to touch?


Different parts of your body are differently sensitive to touch What if your tongue is most sensitive Where are you least sensitive?

Back of the sholders

Which body areas are most sensitive to touch?

The most sensitive body parts you touch are your eyes. If you touch your eyes with your nail it is 100% possible that your eye is going to bleed just a dab.Additional answerGoodness! I've had bits of metal in my eyes and they've never ever bled. Didn't know that there were any bloodvessels in the front of the eye.

Why do you stop yawning when you touch your tongue?

because your tongue is the most sensitive part of your body

What areas of your body are most sensitive to indoor tanning?

Usually the areas that are most sensitive are the areas where your bathing suit covers. This is because the skin in the bikini and breast areas have not been exposed to the sun as much as your arms or face, for example.

What two body areas are most sensitive to touch?

The Face and the Hands because they have more sensitive touch receptors than anywhere else.You can tell the difference in a pin touching your lip in the middle, and again a little more to edge. While on your back you might have to move the pin 5 cm away before you feel it somewhere else.

What two body parts were least sensitive to touch?

Wenis (olecranan skin) on your elbow, and knees.

How does your skin help us to feel the things around us?

Our skin has built-in touch receptors.They helps us identify objects by feel. But the skin has more touch receptors in some areas of the body than others. The parts of our body that have more touch receptors like fingertips are more sensitive than those that don't have as have as many like the back or shoulders

Which part of girl body boy can not touch?

Most probably her eyes because eyes are the most sensitive organ of the human body.

Why do you need hair in your body?

it protects and prevents friction that may cause skin breakdown in sensitive areas.

Why are some parts of your body more sensitive than trhe others?

Some areas of the skin have a higher density of touch and other receptors so that they are more sensitive. For instance, your fingers need to have a good set of receptors so that you can feel and pick up fine things. The skin of your face needs a high density of receptors to help protect your eyes.

What is Gender sensitive education?

gender sensitivity is whether male or female that cannot touch the other private part of the body