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The heart, carcinogens are cells which have mutated as they replicate, heart cells do not replicate they only die when damaged or old (which is why heart attacks/disease cause irreversible damage)

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Q: Which tissue is least influenced by carcinogens?
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What are tissues carcinogen least effect?

Some tissues are more resistant to the effects of carcinogens than others. For example, bone tissue and nerve tissue tend to have a lower risk of developing cancer compared to tissues with high rates of cell division, such as skin or lung tissue. However, no tissue is completely immune to the effects of carcinogens.

Which of the four basic tissue types are involved in carcinomas or adenocarcinomas?

Carcinogens are most influenced by epithelial. They originate in epithelium because they begin on the surface. Observations suggest that carcinogens most commonly don't penetrate tissue very deeply.

What carcinogens are in pesticides?

Your moms carcinogens are in pesticides?!?!?!?!?!

What types of plants have the least amount of xylem tissue?

Tulips have the least amount of xylem tissue.

What is the least important function of muscle tissue?

the least important function is the wall of the tissue it self!

Where is the least amount of nervous tissue in the body?

The body tissues that have the least amount of nervous tissue is cartilage.

Can you reduce the risk of cancer by the addition of carcinogens in the atmosphere?

Since carcinogens are cancer-causing agents, any release of carcinogens will increase, not decrease, cancer risk. Avoiding and reducing carcinogens will decrease the risk of cancer.

What are The three types of Carcinogens?

The three types of carcinogens are chemical carcinogens (such as tobacco smoke and asbestos), physical carcinogens (such as ultraviolet radiation and ionizing radiation), and biological carcinogens (such as certain viruses and bacteria that can cause cancer).

What are Carcinogens substance?

Carcinogens are the substances which cause cells to grow abnormally and cause an overgrowth.

Why is smoking bad to your health?

Because of all the chemicals inside the cigarette which are breathed in with the smoke. At least 50 of the 4000 chemicals in then are carcinogens, which cause cancers

How can the risk of cancer caused by the environment be reduced?

by less combustion of fuels, at least complete combustion of with filtering of toxic substances which can act as carcinogens in your lungs.

State the name given to agents that increase the chances of cancerous growth?

Carcinogens or mutagens