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Q: Which term describes all of the processes involved in the body's use of nutrients?
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What is the bodys system that is involved with the breating called?


Which is a feeling for physical discomfort caused by the bodys need for nutrients?

Which is a feeling of physical discomfort caused by the body's need for nutrients?

What term is used to describes a bodys resistance to a change in motion?


Oxygen and nutrients pass from the blood to the bodys tissues through the thin walls of the?


What system in the human body sends nutrients to all the bodys cells?

digestive system

When a human exercises sweat often forms on the skin sweating is an example of the human bodys ability to?

recycle nutrients

What is the purpose of your bodys digestive system?

The purpose of the digestive system is to break down food into nutrients and waste. The nutrients nourish the body, the waste is sent through the excretory system.

Name 2 things that blood carries to each body cell?

oxygen and nutrients

What is the differentiate between the processes of photosynthesis and respiration in terms?

photosynthesis is the growing stage of a plant and respiration is the human bodys breathing system i hope this answer is okay

Why did dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs?

So that they had the nutrients and proteins there bodys needed to survive, like how humans eat cows, or cows who eat grass.

Why is the intake of water important?

because water makes up 50-70% of an adults body weight. water's essential for the bodys growth and maintainance, as it's involved in a number of processes. water is lost from the body through urine and sweat, and must be replaced through water. if you don't drink enough water you can becom dehydrated.

What is the medium for all bodys fluids and for regulating the bodys temperature?