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circulatory system

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Q: Which system transports carbon dioxide for removal from the body?
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When respiration occurs within cells carbon dioxide is released as waste Which system transports carbon dioxide for removal from the body?

cardiovascular system

When respiration occurs within cells carbon dioxide is released as waste. Which system transports carbon dioxide for removal from the body?

circulatory system

What system transports oxygen and carbon dioxide and food molecules and hormones?


What system that provide oxygen and removes carbon dioxide?

The respiratory system provides oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. The circulatory system then transports these gases through the blood.

What is the difference between cardicascular system substances that transport to cells and substances that the cardicvascular system transports away from cells?

Oxygen transports to the cells and carbon dioxide away from the cells.

What are the similarities of the respiratory system and the digestive system?

they both transport things through out the body the respiratory system transports oxygen and carbon dioxide through out the body, and the digestive system transports food and nutrients through the body.

Which body system transports blood?

The Circulatory system/ respiratory system transports blood to the rest of the body. De-oxygenated blood is carried to the lungs where they remove all carbon dioxide and provide the blood and red blood cells with oxygenated blood (blood rich in oxygen, containing very little to no carbon dioxide).

Transports waste for removal for the body?

The excretory system.

Three functions of the circulatory system?

-Transports needed nutrients and oxygen around the body -Removes carbon dioxide, water, and wastes from around the body

What is the lungs job in the respiratory system?

The lungs primary function is to transport oxygen to the bloodstream. It also transports carbon dioxide from the body back out into the atmosphere.

The circulatory system transports waste to which organs?

circulatory system is the trasport system of the body-distributes food nutrients and oxygen,collects and eliminates carbon dioxide and wastes from the different parts of the body

How cardiovascular system and respiratory system work together to achieve homeostasis?

The respiratory system feeds the cardiovascular system oxygen which the cardiovascular system then transports to every living cell in the body and simultaneously the cardiovascular system is transporting carbon dioxide to the respiratory system so that the respiratory system will expel the carbon dioxide from the body (large amounts of carbon dioxide are fatal). This balance is necessary of oxygen and carbon monoxide to cells (all of them) in producing energy that is used to move muscles and maintain the homeostatic temperature of the body.

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