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digestive system

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Q: Which system possess the most rapidly multiplying cells in the body?
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What is brain tumor?

A brain tumor is a growth in a person's brain from rapidly multiplying cells that can affect the way your brain or nervous system works.

What are some diseases resulting from abnormal cell function?

cancer is one it is caused by cells multiplying too rapidly

What system rapidly tranpsorts materials to and from the cells?

The cardiovascular system transports materials to and from the cell in your body.

What are proliferative disorders?

There are a number of examples of proliferative disorders. Some of these include leukemia, as well as cancer. Proliferative disorders are a family of diseases that share the characteristic of multiplying cells too rapidly.

Why do cancer cells have ribosomes in them?

Cancer cells are fast multiplying cells. Ribosomes help in cellular reproduction. Hence Cancer cells have ribosomes to assist them in multiplying. Hope this helps!

Internal structure that eukaryotic animal cells possess that prokaryotic bacteria cells do not posses?

The main organelle that eukaryotes(eukaryotic cells) possess is the NUCLEUS

Who many cells do you have?

Your cells are usually always multiplying and the larger you are you tend to have more cells

How do tiny organisms like bacteria and viruses make a large person like us ill?

By reproducing and multiplying rapidly. and they make us ill by attacking our cells and converting their normal functions to producing the they get your own cells to do their dirty work too (this applies for viruses)

Growthing points possess?

Meristematic cells

In which case would you expect yeast cells to grow more rapidly?

Adding warm water will expand yeast cells rapidly

How do normal cells reproduce themselves?

by multiplying asexually

Do eukaryote cells possess a nucleus?

EUKARYOTES are the cells w/ true nucleus.