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Psychoactive drugs affect the brain, which is a part of the nervous system.

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Your mind is affected by drug abuse. Some drugs affect the part of your brain that makes decisions.

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long term use kind of makes you look like a crack addict but short term would be whatever you do to yourself when your on it i suppose

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The points of the body/in the body that is affected by drugs and alcohol are:


Cardiovascular System

Respiratory System

Musculo Skeletal System

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Q: Which system in the body does psychoactive drugs affect?
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How do illegal drugs affect your health?

they make your body work faster or slower, they damage your nervous system

What are depressant drud's?

Psychoactive drugs that temporarily diminish the function of a specific part of the body or mind. Examples include anxiolysis, sedation, and hypotension.

What are the effects of psychoactive drugs with specification to the basic classification of the drugs?

Any substance which, upon introduction to the body's system, causes imparement of the body's cognative functions and/or sensory perception. (Like a loss or reduction in the body's ability to feel is an impairment of the sensory perception while a specific loss of the ability to feel pain would be a sign of both cognative and sensory impairment.)

What is a group of drugs that slow down the nervous system?

There are many drugs that can slow down the body but they don't come into affect immediately

What is Phamracology?

drugs that affect our thinking and changes our body

Similarities between Alcohol and other drugs are?

All drugs affect the functioning of the body.

History of Pharmacology?

Pharmacology is the study of drugs and how they interact with the human body. More specifically how drugs affect normal body functions.

Does using drugs affect your chakras?

Yes, any substance that is harmful to your body will affect your chakras.

What chemical released in the body that affects another part of the body?

Hazardous or toxic chemicals have various ways they may enter a body. Some may be absorbed by the skin or in other cases it may be via the sensory glands or even the air. The damage can depend on the type of chemical, the amount of time the chemical is in the body and the frequency of exposure.

How drugs affects your body?

Drugs can affect your body in number of ways. Drugs most likely affects you brain and brain cells. Drugs can also affect your kidneys, heart, and even your appearance. In the end it is not worth even trying drugs. It depends on what kind of drug but most drugs affect what I just stated above.

Do performance enhancing drugs have a downside?

yes can make other parts body shrink affect imune system and also when stop working out it will turn to fat

How polycythemia affect the body system?

the intire body