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Q: Which part of the lung contains the cardiac notch and has two lobes?
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Which lung has the cardiac notch?

left lung has a cardiac notch.

Contrast left lung and right lung?

The left lung is slightly smaller than the right lung because 2/3 of the heart is located there. The left lung contains the cardiac notch, an indentation in the lung that surrounds the apex (pointed end) of the heart. The smaller left lung only has 2 lobes, the superior and inferior.

What is a function of the cardiac notch?

so that we can differentiate the right lung and left lung. the lung with the cardiac notch is the left lung as the heart is on the left side of the body.

Which lung has the cardiac notch and lingula?

Only the left lung has these features.

How many lobes does each lung of a fetal pig have?

The right lung contains 4 lobes while the left lung contains 3

Name the lobes of the rat's lungs?

Pigs have 4 lobes in their right lung and 3 lobes in their left lung. The 3 lobes of the left lung are apical, cardiac, and diaphragmatic lobes.

What is the significance of the lung region known as the cardiac notch?

to accommodate the heart

How many lobes does each lung have?

right lung has 3 lobes (superior, inferior & middle) while the left lung has 2 lobes (superior & inferior)

How many lobes do the right and left lung have?

The right lung contains three lobes. The left lobe only has two. Because of the heart on the left side, the left lung only has two lobes to make more room for the heart to pump on that side.

Which lung has three lobes?

The right lung has three lobes.

How do the seven lobes of the cat lung compare with humans?

A cat has 7 lobes of the lung. The right side has 3; the right apical, right cardiac, and right diaphragmatic. The left also has 3; the left apical, left cardiac, and left diaphragmatic. There is one lobe directly in between both sides called the intermediate lobe.

How many lobes are present in the lungs for a pig?

There are four lobes that are present in the lungs of a pig. The larger, right lung is divided into four lobes; the apical, cardiac, diaphragmatic, and the fourth samller lobe below the apex of the heart, the intermediate.