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The ear drum vibrates and the sound is picked up and interpretated by the brain. Sudden loud noise, such as an explosion, could cause damage to the drum, as too can loud music over a long time, and lead to temporary or permanent deafness.

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It is actually your hair cells that get damaged. Over time your hair cells go away and you can lose ur hearing!

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ere r

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Q: Which part of the ear is most likely to be damaged by exposure to loud noises over a long period?
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Is hearing can be damaged at 60dB or above?

Hearing can be damaged at 85 dB or above over a prolonged period of time. Exposure to sounds at 85 dB or higher can lead to hearing loss or damage, especially if the exposure is frequent or prolonged. It is important to protect your ears from loud noises to prevent hearing damage.

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Prolonged exposure to loud noises, such as from machinery or music, can damage hearing. Other factors like aging, genetics, infections, and trauma to the ear can also contribute to hearing loss. It is important to protect your ears by wearing ear protection in loud environments and avoiding prolonged exposure to high noise levels.

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