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The male gamete - spermatozoon and the female gamete - ovum.

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Q: Which pair of gametes can unite to produce a zygote that will develop into a normal human male embryo?
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Does meiosis use normal body cells to produce gametes?


Does oogenesis involve meiosis?

Yes, both oogenesis (egg production) and spermatogenesis (sperm production) utilize meiosis to produce haploid gametes, or gametes with half the normal amount of genetic material.

In a normal pregnancy the embryo becomes attached to the?

In a normal pregnancy the embryo becomes attached to the

Effect heavy metal on fish embryo development?

the fish will develop at a normal rate for approximately 5 week and then it will grow legs and arms and get into a fight with a shark

What are the main functions of meiosis?

The main function of meiosis is to produce gametes, which are the egg and sperm cells. These cells have half of the number of chromosomes that are in a normal body cells.

Are there half as many genes in gametes as there are in normal cells?

no, gametes are 1/4 of a diploid cell.

How many chromosomes are in a normal persons gametes?


Are gametes haploid or diploid?

gametes are haploid (half the normal number of chromosomes)

Process by which the number of chromosomes per cell is cut half used by organisms to produce gametes?

Meiosis takes a cell from 2N (Diploid) to N (haploid) and produces 4 daughter cells at 23 chromosomes. These are the sex gametes. A normal 2N cell would have 46 chromosomes.

Is it normal if there is a sac but no baby at 6wks and ovary swelling?

I am afraid it is unlikely. Ovary swelling is normal as cells in the sac the egg came from grow to provide hormones to maintain a pregnancy but if there is no embryo in the sac you have what is called a blighted ovum which cannot develop into a baby.

How many alleles does a normal gamete have?

Normal gametes should contain one allele from each gene.

What happens if the gametes aren't haploid?

The whole purpose of reducing the gamete to contain half the number of normal chromosomes is so that normal chromosome numbers can be achieved again when the gametes fuse to form a zygote. If the gamete is not halved, polyploidy results. This is a generic term to describe having more than the normal number of chromosomes.