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Q: Which organization set standards for the field of medicine?
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Ethical standards that apply to the medical profession are set by what entity?

professional organization

Which organization is primarily responsible for developing a single set of worldwide accounting standards?

International Accounting Standards Board (IASB)

My questions relate to the field of Auditing What does AU stand for example AU sec 324 service organizations and which organization establish these AUs?

These are auditing standards set by the American Accounting Association's Auditing Standards Board. The Statements on Auditing Standards are developed chronologically, and the AU codification organizes them by topic.

The primary role of the joint commission on accreditation of health care organization is to?

Is to set standards.

What is the definition-organization as a process?

The definition of Organization as a process is the establishing and maintaining of a set od useable process\' as assets and setting standards for the work place.

What is the purpose of the IASB?

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) was founded in 2001. The purpose of this 15 member organization is to set United States accounting standards.

What is the definition of ISO 17025?

ISO is the International Standards Organization out of Geneva. They set a variety of standards. ISO 17025 is the Standard for a Management System used for Calibration and Testing Laboratories.

What is ISO stand for?

Capitalised, as an abbreviation, it most often stands for International Organization for Standardization. It is a non-government organization that sets worldwide proprietary in industrial and commercial standards for each respective industry and country. Their standards or set requirements eventually becomes law to a respective industry.

A way of expressing success criteria that an organization or force must achieve under a specified set of conditions in the execution of a MET are?

MET Standards

What are the professional standards that guide the practice of school nurses?

The education ministry agency has a set of standards to be followed by all schools of nursing in a specific country. this standards was made thru the collaboration of experts and professional practitioners in the field of nursing.

What is style guides?

A style guide is a set of standards for the writing and design of documents, either for general use or for a specific publication, organization, or field. (It is often called a style sheet, though that term has other meanings.) A style guide establishes and enforces style to improve communication.

Which body monitors compliance with the quality standards?

Quality control departments are responsible for monitoring compliance with quality standards within an organization. These departments ensure that products or services meet the required quality specifications and standards set by the organization or external regulatory bodies. Regular inspections, audits, and testing are some of the methods used by quality control departments to verify compliance.